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Belcando for dogs

Belcando for dogs

The family of Bernhard Wigger, the founder of Bewital petfood GmbH & Co.KG, has worked in agriculture for generations. He thus grew up with a sense of responsibility for animals, nature and natural cycles.

Many years ago, he began to think about how to manufacture pet food so that it would be just as rich in variety and as healthy as what Nature provided. This was the starting point for the development of a completely new nutritional concept with a natural, holistic approach.

Based on the latest research and using top-quality raw materials, we manufacture holistic products that you as a discerning dog owner and friend to animals can truly feed your pet with a good conscience.

Sophisticated formulations and outstanding ingredients make our Super Premium Quality BELCANDO® the first choice for everyone who refuses to compromise on their dog's nutrition.


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